The 2012 A Cappella Gospel Sing

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We are exactly four weeks away from the 2012 A Cappella Gospel Sing. What began sort of as an experiment in 2011 has developed into what we trust will be an annual event. At least until God leads in a different direction. For those of you that were at the AGS in 2011, we hope you will be back this year to worship with us. We hope you enjoyed it so much you will want to bring others with you this year. Many of you told us of your worship experience last year. Praise God who alone deserves praise and honor for last year’s successful AGS. It is not about those of us who do the planning and organizing, or the food service people, or the sound man, or the photographers, or the ushers, or the groups, or even our wonderful guests. It’s all about the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray with us that we can all focus on that truth this year.
For those of you who will be new guests this year, we trust the lineup of groups will bless and encourage each one as they stand between the audience and God and faithfully proclaim the good news of the gospel and how it relates to everyday life. I trust the different styles and types of groups will not be a distraction, but rather an enhancement to your worship experience. I have, for some reason, been under the impression for a long time that God probably originally intended for all singing groups to be male quartets. It has always seemed to be so natural. But, for whatever reason, He chose to also bless (maybe as an afterthought) many different combinations of singers such as ladies trios, families, mixed quartets and, larger than quartet, male groups. So we felt that since God is okay with them, we should be too. Hence the wonderful mix we have coming to this year’s AGS. In all honesty, I am very excited with the mix of groups we will be blessed with this year. So come with prayerful anticipation to see what God has in store for all of us.
As you may notice on the Schedule page, we have some TBA (to be announced) slots on Saturday. Part of the reason for them is that one of the groups cannot come because of health issues. Join us in praying for Sisters By Heart. One from their group is experiencing health challenges this year and is unable to come. We hope they will be able to join us next year. But stay tuned for something different in those slots. Who knows, we may do some congregational singing during one of those slots. Perhaps some of the groups will surprise us with something different. We shall see.
Food will again be available for purchase this year. Last year we had a wonderful menu of delicious food available. We are confident this year will be no different.
We will be conducting drawings again this year for CD giveaways. It’s always nice to get free music from the groups. Each group has the privilege to set up their product tables so you can purchase their recordings and whatever else they are marketing from their table.
So come to the 2012 AGS table of worship and feast on manna from God and from the food booths.
Ray Yutzy

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2 thoughts on “The 2012 A Cappella Gospel Sing”

  1. Chester Weaver

    I noticed an advertisement of the Acapella Gospel Sing in a local business. But I was disappointed to see the list of “Performing Groups.” I was under the impression that the Sing was to be a worship experience, not a performance. “Performing Groups” work in the flesh; worship happens in the Spirit – the two are contrary to one another. I hope I am not disappointed when I attend. I really would like to worship my Heavenly Father along with others who desire to worship; I don’t want to be entertained. Popular Christianity is already entertaining instead of worshipping. Anabaptists have much more noble work to do!

    1. Bro. Chester,
      I am with you on the “performing” part. However, it is sometimes hard to come up with the right terminology to imply what we are really thinking. Our interest certainly is not to provide entertainment or “performances”. But the fact remains that in spite of what you and I prefer to have presented at AGS, we must leave the presentation in God’s hands at this point since we have a number of groups coming this year that we have never heard, let alone seen, or been with. We really are not interested in becoming a screening process either. And, I will admit that not everyone will see each “performance” alike and will come away with differing responses. With that in mind, I truly welcome your response and thank you so much for being frank and honest. Would you please pray with us that it will be a Holy Spirit and Truth inspired two days. I also, welcome you and your wife to come and be blessed and trust you will be able to worship with us. I would enjoy meeting you and hope you might initiate that since I will not be able to notice everyone there. Blessings, Ray

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