2013 A Cappella Gospel Sing

It has been some time since my last post and know that you may have come here expecting to see something new in relation to the 2013 AGS. Things are moving along very well in the planning of another event. The groups have been selected and are on target to be there. There will be a good mix of past and new groups. It is hard to know exactly what the best way is to select groups for the next event when there are so many great ones out there and in the past 2 years, we have not had a single bad group and don’t expect to ever have. We have been so pleased with the quality and integrity of every group that have been at our first 2 AGSs. Not only have we had quality groups but we have had tremendous crowds at both events. The atmosphere created by the presence of the Holy Spirit and by the selection of songs and the presentation of those songs has provided for some very meaningful worship times. For that we are so grateful and our prayer is that we can continue to provide both the atmosphere and the songs that will enhance the worship experience of everyone present.

I will be posting the list of groups here so you can see who all is committed to coming to the 2013 AGS. The schedule is not quite ready to be posted at this time but keep watching for it.

The excitement is mounting, the youth groups that provide food and beverages are getting ready to provide you with some wonderful food and desserts. So plan to come for both days and enjoy fellowship with other believers as you enjoy some of the best singing this side of Heaven.

Dates are Friday April 5 & Saturday April 6. Times are: Fri. 3:45PM to 10:00 PM or somewhere there abouts. Sat. we begin at 10:00 AM and go until we are done or around 8:00 PM. You will want to plan to be there until the end on Saturday to hear the finale. We have something different planned for this year. That’s all you get for now. 😀

Keep watching our Facebook page for other information and for quick updates.