Here is the link for tonight’s Live Stream. Please note in the description below the Live Stream there is a link for you to be able to donate to help defray the costs of the groups that you are listening to.


  1. Sorry, wrote to soon. It is there now!

  2. I watched most of it last night(thanks!) but missed some at the beginning, so I was trying to get that, and it seems not all of it got on YouTube? It starts with the Neuenshwander (spelling is probably not right ) family, and I know there was a lot more before that.

    • During the event, we only stream it live. After the event, watch for the links to watch the whole event!

  3. Live stream not working on mobile?

    • If you can’t connect with the link above, I’d recommend going on YouTube & searching A Capella Gospel Sing. Look for the option below the search results that specifies it is LIVE.

  4. Looks like it’s good now. Thanks!

  5. Link isn’t working. Please fix?