Click on the link below for live streaming on Friday




  1. No Sound!

  2. the sound keeps quitting and getting quieter

  3. refresh your page, please!

  4. quieter again

  5. Sounds Great from Paris, TN

  6. Thanks for using this service instead of Ustream. It is nice to have an almost ad-free experience! Is this Google+ on air Hangouts?

  7. Rob, they are using YouTube.

  8. Didn’t catch it; what was the name of the group of 6 ladies from Indiana, singing right before the congregational song time? And will they sing again tomorrow?

  9. Diane, that group of ladies is the group Grace*Ful. They are on the schedule tomorrow for 4:00,

  10. why is there no sound when the moderator speaks ?
    just wandering?

  11. Thanks for doing this! Is it possible to hear the Moderator? Enjoying the music in Oregon

  12. The sound is great!! The picture is very fuzzy. Like really, really, really fuzzy. Michael yoder looks like a big teddy bear like this!!! Sorry Michael, couldn’t resist!!!

  13. First of all thanks for live streaming this and we understand to have it perfect we should be there. Would have loved to. Was there last year and was totally worth it. One complaint if it can be fixed is would love to hear the moderator

  14. Ray’s voice is not coming through on my computer.

  15. Sound is better when using balcony camera.

  16. For some reason there is static when it is zoomed in, but when it zooms out it is crystal clear.

  17. Background hiss goes away when using balcony camera. If you could zoom in on group from there it would be better I think.

  18. Sound has improved!